Good To Know

Be seen with beautiful and eye-catching design.

Is your business limping forlornly just outside the limelight?

Do you have a new venture that deserves to look fabulous?

Are you putting on an event that you want to shout about?

I’ve put together a collection of neatly wrapped packages to help you get an idea of how I work. These are all subject to change in order to fit your needs.

It’s important to remember that a strong identity and marketing strategy is hugely valuable to any business. Maybe you have a new business, something you thought you would have a go at and has turned into something great, but very few people know about you so you need to let them know… Maybe you have a plan and are not sure how it’s going to look when it comes to trading. OR maybe you have a well-established business that needs a new lease of life. These are all circumstances in which I can help, either with a full overhaul, helping to design something small or to help you set up a strong online presence.


Branding and design packages



Essential Brand Identity £550
Complete Brand Identity £700
Graphic Design £35 per hour

Website Design & Build

Site Size


Single Page Starting at £500
2-3 Pages Starting at £700
4-5 Pages Starting at £900
6+ Pages Starting at £1250
E-Commerce Add-on Starting at £500

What’s included

What’s not included

1 hour WP workshop Hosting
Branded favicon Domain
1 integrated contact form Content